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Starcraft II – TV Ad

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damned pc gamers, making me want to spend money on  a new computer

Get ready for South Korea to be on the nightly news every single night when the wave of deaths occur from gamers starving and depriving themselves after the release of Starcraft II this summer (July 27 in the US).

They’re getting started with the hype machine this week as they’ve released a commercial for the game here in the United States…and it’s pretty damn awesome.

Even though I’m not a PC gamer, when I see commercials for games like this, it makes me want to upgrade my rig. Boy, Blizzard really knows how to do CG that’s for certain.

I’m still not ever going to get used to commercials that say “for Mac and PC”, not because of the Mac bit, but that there are no console versions AT ALL planned for this one.

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