Alan Smithee

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Trailer

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Bioware along with Lucasarts have released their latest trailer for the MMORPG that will be coming out this holiday season.

I hate to admit that I know this much about the Star Wars universe, but the game takes place during the Treaty of Coruscant time of The Old Republic where the Sith Empire approached the Republic with offers of peace (of course a feint).

I think that the game’s premise is looking better and better with each new trailer we see, but I find it a bit disappointing graphics wise. Sure the animations are good and the character design is solid, but even with the excuse of there being many characters on the screen at one time, I just looks meh to me.

C’mon Bioware…you do know that you can have solid netcode AND great graphics at the same time. It IS possible.

The game goes into beta testing soon, hurry and get on the list if you’re so inclined, because they’re only going to be giving you weekends at a time to get your fix.

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