Star Wars: Invasion – Revelations #2 – Mini Review

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Being a huge Star Wars fan since I was a kid, It was a pleasure reading Star Wars: Invasion – Revelations #2. Will you too share my opinion?

This issue we find that Finn Galfridian has teamed up with a Jedi named Dray. They’re off to warn Chief of State Borsk Fey’lya about an assassination plot but hit a brick wall when the CoS doesn’t listen or even worse takes them as the assassins. Meanwhile, Nina and Kaye have turned their attention towards finding a new home for all the refugees they have aboard the captured slave ship “Heart of Artorias”.

Basically, the entire book this month revolves around Nina and Kaye finding a new planet that they want to go to…or maybe they shouldn’t? While Finn is STILL trying to convince Borsk of the assassination plot against him. The writing is solid and had a few great jokes and the art is fantastic as always.

The issue starts with a bang which keeps you interested in reading the rest, trust me…it does. This issue acts more a filler piece in the arc of the main plot which inevitably leaves me wanting more. After reading it, I was asking myself the usual cliffhanger ending questions such as: WHAT?! WHY?! HOW?! I think that you should never judge someone by their looks, and after this issue, it’s been proven!

I simply can’t wait till next month’s issue!

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