Star Wars Crimson Empire III #1 Review

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I’ve had mixed feelings about Star Wars comics (and novels for that matter) in the past. Some really add to the mythos others seem to be attempts to cash in on the huge franchise. Personally, I haven’t ever read any of the previous Crimson Empire books but if this first issue of the the third, and I believe final, part of the series it has me highly intrigued.

The Crimson Guard were never really utilized in the movies other than as red curtained door guards and to see Kir Kanos the last of the Imperial Guards in action it makes me feel like the guards could have stepped in, stopped Vader from tossing the Emperor down a hole and kept millions of people from memorizing the yub nub ewok song at the end of Jedi (the original ending of course). Kanos seems as tough as any Jedi and with just as much sense of purpose, even if that purpose is to hunt down Luke Skywalker. The villains of the Star Wars universe always seem to create a stronger story and look forward to seeing what they do with Kanos and I’ll definitely be going back to check out the earlier books.

Having not read the earlier Crimson books was a downside, I did feel a little bit lost and was likely not picking up on a lot of the background story. I was also confused when Boba Fett showed up, maybe I haven’t been keeping up but last time I saw him he was being swallowed by the Sarlacc. That aside, it is still enjoyable to see what might have happened to the remnants of the Empire after the success of the Rebellion.

The artwork was generally well done but for whatever reason the children depicted in the book looked off, either their heads were too big or their bodies were to squat. I found it distracted from the book and I though Leia looked more like Sigourney Weaver than Carrie Fisher while Luke was a dead on copy of old Mark Hamill.

I am interested in seeing where this goes but given that it is a six-issue mini-series it might be worth waiting for the trade to collect all six in one place.

STORY: 82%
ART: 80%

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