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Star Trek TNG: Hive #1 – WPR Comic Book Club Review

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Starring James Helsby as Worf, Evan Burkey as Wesley Crusher, Ryan Thomason as Riker, and Ryan Wilson as a Tribble.

The WPR Comic Book Club is a weekly chat/review between the WatchPlayRead staff of a comic book coming out that week. As such, the below transcript is raw and minimally edited. Reader discretion advised.

Ryan W.: Star Trek TNG: Hive #1…MAKE IT SO!
James: that was a short little read. interesting premise, i liked the whole concept of ‘what happened’ matching up with the right now
James: however, there was one similarity to another work of science fiction that i didn’t like. it struck similar to Babylon 5: Thirdspace (a made for TV movie)
Ryan T.: I liked in the beginning that no matter what, the Borg will f’ing win. Then the flashback to how it started 500 years before
Oh, Locutus
James: at first i thought it was going to go down the lines of an alternate time line.
i thought this was really smart, since that would kinda work with how they re-imagined the new star trek movies.
Evan: My favorite part is where Picard gets laid
Ryan T.: YES
James: but, the reality of 500 years in the future of the period 500 years from now (ie, 1000 years in the future) was sort of dumb to me.
vash… i want your junk.
Ryan T.: Because as much as Riker was a ladies man-slut, Picard was a classy fuck
Evan: all dem dangly bits
Ryan T.: Pun Intended
I wonder if Wesley is going to be in this run as some kind of Borg
James: probably. they had a pic of him in the cover gallery on the 3rd page
Evan: Oh man, Wesley as Bangatron20X6, the sexiest borg
brb writing fanfiction
Ryan T.: But that’s like, obligatory to have a picture of him, Wheaton is probably the most recognizable with geeks right now
James: lol.
Ryan T.: LaForge Borg, with no V.I.S.O.R.
Evan: Ryan’s right though, Wheaton is kind of a superstar
James: who else will narrate the audiobook adaptation.
i think this series is going to play heavily with time travel though. kinda over and done with that in the startrek verse.
Ryan T.: My thinking, especially with who Future Picard brought back at the end, is that they may go that direction
the little part of Picard is going to attempt to influence the past
James: well, and another one of the covers, where a borg is making out post WWII in that iconic recreation picture
Evan: yeah that cover is really weird. Perhaps implying more wibbly wobbly timey wimey mayhem
Ryan T.: BORG NAZI’s
My timeline of where Star Trek is currently at is all messed up
Was DS9 the last show series before the Enterprise/Prequel show shit the bed
Evan: Nah
Voyager is the latest
I think DS9 is parallel to TNG
Ryan W.: my biggest problem with this issue is the artwork inconsistency
occasionally it looks amazing
but occasionally Picard gets a little bit of the derp eyes
James: yeah, agreed.
some pages were well detailed, others seemed washed of detail
especially towards the end. there was a page of the borg cubes and spheres above a planet, and almost devoid of details that would make that an interesting picture.
reminds me of some of the old dark horse Star Wars comics that were done in water color.
Ryan W.: page 5 of the comic, middle panel. Looks like Picard came
James: derp mouth
waiting for seagull poop
Ryan W.: he looks seriously uncomfortable embracing a woman
James: i was kinda uncomfortable watching.
like watching my parents.
just something wrong about seeing the father figure getting it on
Evan: Picard is supposed to take a lady to his room, and close the door while winking into the camera
classy as fuck
Ryan T.: When the hell did Seven of Nine get stuck back with the Borg?
Evan: Ok I just got to that part
wtf Seven
James: no clue. made no sense to me. thought she was fully de-borged in voyager.
maybe that’s a comic series tie-in
Ryan T.: How far into the future is this one, Riker is captain of Titan, and Picard is an Admiral
Evan: Maybe. She was revived in the Voyager series finale and got to Earf
Ryan T.: Damn that Finale
James: she died in voyager?
totally don’t remember that.
Evan: She died on the way back to Earth
James: better than quantum leap
Evan: so future Janeway goes back in time and saves her
because reasons
James: “and Dr Sam Becket never made it home.”
Ryan W.: was it just me or did not a lot happen in this one?
Ryan T.: Voyager ended with the Borg Queen dead I thought from that virus infection future Janeway used on the big Borg Outpost in that nebula
Ryan W.: Normally this isn’t a problem, but this is supposed to be a mini-series
Evan: She wasn’t dead, just severely damaged
Ryan T.: Yet the queen is in this comic
James: different queen.
Ryan T.: Way to fail future janeway
James: i think
Evan: oh wait
her sphere blew up
so yeah she would have been dead…
Ryan T.: SIGHS
James: thank god for wiki. the nerdy continuity editor reference of choice
Ryan T.: I like the idea for this comic run, I’m just hoping that it doesn’t get too “Lets go back in time and save the day!”
that’s entirely way too overdone in Trekdom
Evan: time travel is way overused in trek, but who knows
it could be good
there are good time travel episodes
Ryan W.: they’ve got 4 issues to tell it according to MA
Ryan T.: Wasn’t Q in a cover?
I hope he pops in on Future Borg Picard and is a dick to him.
James: kinda rushed arc.
Ryan W.: yeah, Q was on the Wesley issue
James: a q episode is basically a mcguffin
Evan: I must be the only one that hates Q episodes
James: a way to get away with anything sloppy or loose.
Evan: They felt so lazy
James: nah, i don’t always like them.
Ryan T.: A lot of these kind of properties that get turned to comic get short Arcs with a hope of catching on and getting more down the line
Ryan W.: I must say that the RIA cover variant was by far the best
Evan: I also hate Encounter at Farpoint (millions of trekkies are now out to kill me)
Ryan W.: the parody of the V-J Day in Times Square photo
James: it will be the one they are known for… but in the context of this issue, it doesn’t make sense.
Evan: true
James: i mean, i could make a picture of the borg in neil armstrongs space suit and it would have made as much sense.
or a baby jesus borg.
Ryan W.: I’d pay to see that
Ryan T.: the cover A was the best for me, but they should have kept seven of 9 off it so when she’s introduced you get the whole WTFFFFFFFF
Also, make sure you put a spoilers tag on this post, ha
Ryan T.: Evan, are you done with the comic yet?
Evan: yeah
Ryan T.: Ok, it’s 500 years AFTER Data, is the new Data going to be better than the old?
James: you be B4?
the new old data from Nemesis?
Ryan T.: Yeah, I’m confused, because when did the Borg get the schematics to Data?
James: be = mean, by the way…
ehh, might not have happened yet.
Ryan T.: or should we just throw 90% of our nerd knowledge about Trek out the window when reading this comic and just try to enjoy the ride
James: if b4 was over-written with Data’s positronic net… the b4 could theoretically be data.
Evan: Probably that
James: plus Data was the name of the character in the star-trek movie comic book tie in.
Evan: That’s true, James.. that would work
Ryan W.: it’s perfect for me, as my Trek experience is the movies, original series, and one season of TNG
James: deus ex machina
Ryan T.: Voyager was my introduction to Trek
Which is why I’ll defend that damn show
Evan: James: Ryan T.: I’ve seen DS9 in splattering of episodes, though it doesn’t seem like they will get any references in this comic
Ryan W.: to give some context on this issue, the two writers were Brannon Braga and Terry Matalas
Braga wrote 108 episodes of Star Trek
spanning Voyager, TNG, and Enterprise
Evan: Braga does good work
Ryan T.: Braga has the Trek cred then, I’ll give this whole series a read because of that
Ryan W.: Matalas wrote two episodes of Enterprise and was a production associate on Voyager and Enterprise
Ryan T.: What about the weird species from the Plane of Chaos that the Borg got f’d up by.
I’m thinking it’s some kind of ploy
Evan: It’s a bunch of crap. Borg plot!
Ryan T.: Issue 2, Locutus banging the Queen
Evan: fuck yeah
James: british queen? or borg queen?
Ryan T.: If that species is really that advanced to crush the Borg, no alliance would do anything
There’s just too many directions this can go to me that I’ll keep reading
James: any of you watch Thirdspace?
Ryan T.: Final Assessment from me: Will read all 4 issues, because I love Trek and this story line is too tempting to ignore
Ryan W.: despite the occasionally derpy artwork, it was an interesting, yet confusing, read for this “barely Trekkie”

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