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Spielberg and Hanks Team Up For Cold War Era Thriller

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In the 1960s there was an international incident involving the United States and the USSR in which we lost a pilot named Gary Powers of a highly classified and unknown spy plane known as the U-2 (which is STILL in use by the Air Force, CIA, the Taiwanese Military, and NASA) being shot down during a clandestine flight over Russia.

Anyways, Tom Hanks has been attached to the movie as the American attorney who was tasked with negotiating his release after being sentenced to three years prison in Russia. Steven Spielberg will be directing the film which doesn’t have a title yet, and it will be produced by Marc Platt.

Some of you older readers, or if you’re just a fan of Cold War drama like me, you might recall there was a made-for-TV movie that told the true story of the U-2 incident…but with Spielberg and Hanks on the pedigree of this film, I’m definitely interested.

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