Spawn #210 – Mini Review

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Ok coming into this really late, haven’t read any of the other issues but that didn’t stop me from picking issue 210 and reading it.

It starts off with Twitch and Detective Roward talking in a room about what happened to the nurse that committed “suicide” back at the hospital. They spend the whole issue in this room. So nothing much really happens I guess.

Coming in mid story arc is never easy, but I honestly say I don’t want to know what happened in the other issues. But, I do want to know what happens in the NEXT issue. The writer, Will Carlton has done a wonderful job with this story, it’s strong and deep and kept me interested the whole issue. Ask my girlfriend. I ignored her the whole time. Whoops.

[Senior Editors note: You’re about to become single real soon!]

The art is good can’t say what the other issues are like but this one seems to be a dark issue. They still have a lot of detail throughout it. There is a few scenes that will make your jaw hit the floor the detail is amazing. 

So all up this issue will keep you interested till the last word, the art is amazing at times but the story is the truly unique thing.

I will honestly say I will keep reading Spawn from here on out.

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