Ryan Wilson

South Park – Season 15 Episode 2: Funnybot

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Not even South Park’s host channel is safe from their ridicule.

As you may remember, Comedy Central recently hosted its second attempt at a comedy award show, The Comedy Awards (its first attempt, the Commie Awards, only lasted one year). The award ceremony received some pretty mixed reactions, as many awards were won by Viacom owned properties. Trey Parker and Matt Stone won one of these awards, but this didn’t stop them from ridiculing the whole event, stating in their acceptance speech: “Winning this award feels like being student of the month and your mom’s the teacher”.


“Funnybot” is an extension of their disapproval of the award ceremony, but their message doesn’t deliver as much on the funny. The character of Funnybot makes fun of the formulaic “Mad Libs” style of comedians today, yet never really reaches a level of absurdity and ruthlessness that made the show what it is today. Where the episode really shines is on its constant lambasting of Tyler Perry, who has been over-saturating theaters and television networks with features that somehow make money. After accepting his “Kathy Griffin Award”, given to the person most likely to show up to an award ceremony, he refuses to leave the town as he slowly drains an embarrassed Token from his money. The Tyler Perry bits alone make this episode worth watching.

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