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I have to say, that the premise for this movie is a bit weak. A government agent is ‘avatar-ed’ into someone’s body during the last 8 minutes of a terrorist attack aboard a train…in order to find out where and who the bomber is. Why would they do this? Simple really, there’s another bomb set to go off soon by the same bomber and this is THE ONLY WAY!

Say what you will about Jake Gyllenhaal, the guy always plays interesting characters, but the plot to this movie is about as transparent as they come and seems like a solid rental for me. I can’t see myself paying top dollar to see this flick.

Then again, I could be completely wrong and this could be one hell of a ride, except for one thing, it’s PG-13. The movie is out on April 1st in theaters and my guess, April 30th on video.

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