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Someone Clocked the iOS7 Icon Animaton Speeds

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Can you believe that someone actually took the time to figure this out?

All of those sad and poor unfortunate souls who had been experiencing the effects of parallax sickness or motion sickness might want to take note.

Still with me? Good.

The people at Buzzfeed figured out that opening an icon via a folder in iOS7 it is about 19.29 feet away on your phone (made up distances based on size and relative how far away it seems) and as you open the icon it goes from far away to open in 0.8 seconds with a measurable speed of 16.4 miles per hour if you averaged it…the only problem is that it’s not right to average the speeds as there’s a point as its loading that is faster, over 20 miles per hour.

Almost puts my Tron: Legacy math post to shame, almost.


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