Skull Kickers Review

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Skull Kickers is a brand new series being published by Image Comics. This was the first issue in a story arc called “One Thousand Opas and a Dead Body” and is written by Jim Zubkavich, with art by Chris Stevens and Edwin Huang. Everyone involved is more or less unknown to me, however the previews got me interested, and who wouldn’t want to read a book called Skull Kickers?

The story opens with a dwarf and a human that looks like a carnival strong man (the heroes are yet unnamed the writer claims as an homage to “The Man with No Name” trilogy) fighting the fattest werewolf I have ever seen. After kicking the living crap out of the werewolf they end up killing it with a silver spoon!

The next morning when the duo goes to collect to collect the bounty on the werewolf, the captain of the guard refuses to pay. This leaves the unnamed duo broke, and stuck in town. It is here that we learn that the chancellor who just rolled into town has been shot in the face. Queue our duo who chase after the murderer for the reward, chaos follows.

This book was an entertaining, drunken, and mythical romp through a world that has werewolves, dwarves with drinking problems, a mysterious assassin, possibly a vampire, and death by spoon (which brings Alan Rickman to mind and that great line from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves “Well at least I didn’t use a spoon”). The artwork is wonderful, it looks like late 80’s, early 90’s hand-drawn animation, and with a price of $2.99 you can’t complain…I mean, how many books are still $2.99?

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