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Silk #3 Has Cindy Moon In A Catfight With Black Cat

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Silk #3, written by Robbie Thompson and drawn by Stacey Lee, shows that despite being a crimefighter Cindy Moon believes in second chances for everyone.

Silk #3
Silk #3 cover by Dave Johnson from Marvel.com

Silk #3

WRITER: Robbie Thompson

ARTIST: Stacey Lee

COLORIST: Ian Herring

LETTERER: VC’s Travis Lanham

PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

RELEASE DATE: April 29, 2014

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In Silk #3 Cindy is confronted by a criminal that she fought before, though he seems to have had his abilities amplified. It looks like it’s going to be too much until Cindy finds out that he was outfitted by the criminal Black Cat and he has decided that Cindy has been getting in the way of her operations.

The thing that I found unique about this issue was that while the fight between Cindy and Dragonclaw was pretty standard comic book stuff, it was what happened when the dust settled that something unexpected happened. Instead of leaving the bad guy for the cops to take to jail Cindy has a talk with him and finds out that he’s really just a guy that is down on his luck and going about it all the wrong way. The idea of “starting over” is the baseline for this comic as Cindy is doing just that now that she is out of the bunker. She takes Dragonclaw to a place that is known for employing felons to give him a second chance at life.

I can’t think of a recent comic I’ve read where the hero not only beat the bad guy but then helped the bad guy start over. There have been a lot of redemption stories, Black Cat even had one at one point, but that is usually out of love for a hero. Cindy barely knows this man and she decides to ignore her gut that said he was lying to try and really help him. Not only does this make Cindy a hero, but it also shows that she’s a good person. There are times costumed heroes come across as more than a little crazy but Cindy wants to help everyone, not just the innocent. I love that about her and I love this angle, but Silk and it’s kind of sister comic (in my eyes anyway) Spider-Gwen have been all about exploring new superhero tropes from new points of view.

I was very pleased when I looked up the sales for Silk #2. The first issue of everything is always high, but I was so happy to see that it was the twelfth best selling comic of March 2015 with just under 70,000 books sold. Those are fantastic numbers and a lot of credit needs to go to the creative team. Robbie Thompson continues to write Cindy beautifully while making her easy to relate to and even easier to like. Stacey Lee’s art and Ian Herring’s colors are still beautiful as Lee wanders the line of “realistic” and “cute”. They make a good team as Lee’s designs are easy to follow and Herring’s color makes them pop.

Silk #3 continues to be one of the best new series out right now. I really hope that we will continue to see more of Cindy now that Secret Wars has started, but considering the numbers I don’t expect Silk or Spider-Gwen are going anywhere anytime soon.

Silk #3 variant cover by Kris Anka from Marvel.com

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