Silent Hill E3 Extended Trailer

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If you hadn’t heard, Konami revealed the next title in the Silent Hill franchise at their conference during E3 2010. Over the weekend they’ve released an extended version of the trailer shown at the expo, which provides a taster of what we can expect in terms of gameplay. This time around we’re going to be playing a prisoner who escapes from a police convoy to where else? Silent Hill of course. We see various glimpses of the town, which is looking more morbid/beautiful than ever, before the prisoner investigates a building and encounters grotesque monsters, cryptic people and the otherworld. So just another day in Silent Hill. The prisoner angle is definitely going to be interesting considering how Silent Hill reflects the mind of its victim. After the success of Shattered Memories, this will hopefully be another hit, provided the developers don’t resort to using cliche enemies like Pyramid Head and the Nurses. At least do it in a manner that reflects the prisoner’s psyche. Of course this is only a short glimpse of what’s to come so we can only look forward to seeing more at the moment.

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