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Showtime’s Penny Dreadful Gets A Full-Length Trailer

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Well this looks horrifying awesome….

Last month Showtime gave us a taste of what to expect from it’s new horror show, Penny Dreadful, now we get the main course. The first full-length trailer was just released and Penny Dreadful looks every bit the horror/monster show being advertised. Also with this being a Showtime original, it also looks like we can expect there to be no holding back on the sex and violence. If horror and monsters is your thing, this trailer should get you excited for this new series. I know I’ll be watching(possibly with a pitchfork and torch nearby), but how bout you? Will you be brave enough to watch with me, or are you afraid of what goes bump in the night? Watch the trailer and lets us know!!

This trailer does contain some disturbing images, you’ve been warned

Penny Dreadful premieres May 11th on Showtime

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