Shit My Dad Says, Starring The Shat!

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If you haven’t seen the Twitter account Shit My Dad Says (, you’re missing out. It’s real, it’s obscene, and it’s hilarious. Imagine your crazy uncle that can’t live in a politically correct world, but you love him all the same.

Somehow this was off my radar, but this is showing up on CBS as the sitcom, $#*! My Dad Says, starring William Shatner!

Say what you will, but the guy is entertaining as hell. He started in Shakespeare, cemented himself in geekdom with Star Trek, and has been a professional through and through ever since.

I dig.

Admttedly, I will miss the raw vulgarity of the Twitter stuff. However, this trailer is filled with laugh-out-loud moments. Shatner is king of the delivery.

Did I mention I love this guy?

*The teaser trailer is currently not embedding properly. This youtube featurette will take its place until we can give you a proper update.*

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