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Shields on Full! Star Trek finally streaming on Netflix

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That’s right, the line was finally drawn HERE. Green girls dancing, Picard turning into a borg. Janeway, ordering Chakotay around. It’s (almost) all there, streaming on Netflix.

NO INCLUDED, Star Trek Animated

NO INCLUDED, Star Trek Animated

Well, except the one’s I wanted. DS9 and the Animated Series have not been put up at this time.  But still, good job Netflix for finally following through with a promise made, I believe, Last Year. Of course, the amount of time it would take to digitize the entire collection. And a quick look through reveals that urgency might have been the predominating mode. Even the first season of the original series is missing. But, at least what’s there is… in HD! And it’s the newer CGI version. TNG however, is not in HD.

So if there are any doubts about what I will be doing over the next few weeks, then those doubts should be calmed. I will be sitting idle, waiting to get the chance to watch the ONLY Star Trek series I haven’t seen all the way through… DS9.

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