Shadows of the Damned – Mini Review

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After defeating a large demon in the street, Garcia Hotspur finds that the forces of hell have gathered and have taken his girlfriend Paula. His only assistance and friend in his Hellish journey is his demon gun named Johnson. He can change into anything from a torch to a gun called the Boner. Later on you get to upgrade your Johnson gun into the Hot Boner… and shoot sticky explosives out of it… Yeah… Starting to notice a pattern here? The story of the game is dark and menacing, but the jokes and dialogue keep you laughing in between every gory, horror filled fight. However, the dick jokes are kinda hit and miss. Sometimes you will be busting up laughing while other times you just groan and push on.

The gameplay is great and you can tell it had a lot of input from Shinji Mikami because the controller moves and feels just like Resident Evil. Thankfully there is a little more ammo. Just like Resident Evil 4 you can upgrade your guns with some sort of currency to hold more ammo, do more damage, and reload faster. Music is good, controls are adequate. All in all, a worthwhile game to play. Maybe wait a little for the price to drop, but worth it eventually.


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