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Shadow Warrior Free on Steam

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Shadow Warrior Classic is now “free forever” on Steam.

Shadow Warrior is now free on Steam!For those who don’t remember Shadow Warrior, I don’t blame you. The game came out a year after 3D Realms’ immensely popular Duke Nukem 3D, and used an updated version of the same engine. In fact, the game’s protagonist Lo Wang is practically an Asian Duke Nukem himself, down to the one-liners and crude innuendo. Couple this with the controversy regarding racial stereotyping, and Shadow Warrior didn’t hit very many households.

Devolver Digital, the publisher behind the upcoming reboot of the same name,  would like to change all this by offering the original game at no charge. This wasn’t completely on their own accord, as they had originally planned to offer Steam keys for a limited time only via their Facebook page. However, hackers had a different idea, breaking into the app and stealing all the keys. Following the hack, the publisher posted this on their Twitter account:


Download Shadow Warrior Classic on Steam

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