SFIV Tips: Part 2 – Anti-Douchebaggery

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Ok, so by now I’m hoping that you have found yourself a character. A character that you are comfortable enough with to actually go take on other real humans. Playing online can be extremely rewarding, but it can also cause someone to piss themselves, cry, and return SFIV to the store never speaking of it again. So the first thing you’re going to want to do, is stay out of the ranked matches. Sounds cool to get recognition, but just don’t do it yet. You will get a bad rank, guaranteed. Ranked players do not fucking care about anything and will do anything to achieve victory… anything. Instead pick a nice Player Match, one with a good connection. You can also set it a filter for skill level in your match request  and have people of your skill level challenge you while you play the main game, which is pretty cool. Read on for some general tips on some online crap you will most likely encounter.

Alright, so you’ve picked a player match and you are pumped up and ready to go. Keep it cool the first round, don’t go balls out and fly into offensive mode. Most skilled players will wait for you to do this and destroy you. Treat the first round like a test, just let the other player run through their motions and see what their style is like. If you see an opening to attack, do so, but don’t over do it. The overall key to victory online, and offline for that matter, is timing. The biggest mistake I see people make, is that they get caught up in the heat of the moment and get greedy. If you land something, a 3 hit combo, a jump kick to sweep kick–whatever it is, back off and leave it at that. Chances are, the other guy is going to try and spring up from the ground with a special move of some sort. If you know the range of the character you are fighting, try to jump back just outside of their special move’s range as they are getting up, then pounce on them when they miss. Keep cool and just move in for some attacks and back out again. If you treat each fight like a boss battle in an old school NES or SNES game, you will do well. Every person has their patterns. Just be cool. Also, as a general rule, try to be ducking when you block most of the time unless you are getting jumped in on, then attack or block high.

Now we get into the douchebaggery. When you play online, the likelihood of you running across someone who loves to spam one move or generally just use the shittiest tactic possible, is 3000%. The better you know what these things are, the better you can avoid them or shut them down. I will give you a run down of some of the shittiest tactics I have seen so far and some strategies to avoid them or render them useless.


That is really all he is thinking about… EVER.

  • M. Bison – PROBLEM: Cheeseful players that use Bison, will use the scissor kick relentlessly on you. The move is fast, it hits twice (which leads to faster dizzies), he can block while charging it, and it has priority over almost any move. Bison players will also try to lure you towards them with a jumping attack that makes them flip backwards with a glowing fist. As tempting as it is, stay away.
  • M. Bison – SOLUTION: Against the scissor kick, your best option is to try and attack against it before it even starts, say with like a Dragon Punch or Blanka’s electricity. Now this may sound crazy, but trust me… after a while, you will know when it is coming and you will feel like a total bad-ass if you do this. If you wait too long and try to attack while the move is already in motion, the scissor kick will take priority. In regards to the Air Attack trap, time some projectiles to hit right before he is about to touch the ground. If you do want to move in on him while he is doing this move, walk in or dash in, but don’t jump in until you get close enough to kick him out of the air. If you jump in too early, he will use that god damn scissor kick again.
  • Sagat – PROBLEM: Sagat is a good character, but being the top tier character that he is, he can definitely be misused. Sagat has a high and low fireball. Sagat players will use the fireballs to keep you at bay and then wait for you to get close enough to  either use a Tiger Knee or Tiger Uppercut. This can get nasty and Sagat can trap into a throw loop that is frustrating as hell.
  • Sagat – SOLUTION: Wade through those projectiles with all those skills Contra has blessed you with. Once you get just out of striking range, duck and wait. Sagat players usually get stuck in the motions of throwing that Tiger barrage and will usually throw one more high Tiger that will give you the chance to duck under it and sweep kick them. Almost every time that a Sagat player is knocked down, they will respond with a Tiger Uppercut. Back off just enough for them to miss you with it and unleash your favorite combo or Ultra Combo. If you are attacked by a Tiger Knee and you block it, for god’s sake, don’t just stand there. Try to throw a Dragon Punch, Hundred Hand Slap, Spin Kick, anything, but if you just block, chances are the motherfucker is going to throw you and then keep trying it over and over.
  • Abel – PROBLEM: Abel is just a fucking problem overall. He has throws that yank you out of everything. In addition to the throws, he can roll through almost anything. If you choose to fight him at close range, you better know some heavy combos and how to get out of throws with ease.
  • Abel -SOLUTION: Keep him away from you at all costs. If he rolls through your projectiles, give him a Dragon Punch, sweep kick, or electricity right as he comes out of it. If he rolls right into you, try to stagger his throws by using ducking jabs in quick succession into a sweep kick or special move and then get the fuck out of there. Wait for him to come to you, wear him down with projectiles when possible, and kick him out of the air when he jumps in on you. The only good Abel is a dead Abel.
  • Akuma – PROBLEM: Akuma can be a real piece of shit. His air fireballs can keep you at a distance and then he can teleport behind you while you are trying to navigate through his fireball traps. His Ultra Combo is unblockable and that is pretty much pure garbage. He also has a 3-hit fireball that can cut right through your projectiles, even your EX ones.
  • Akuma – SOLUTION: Akuma is damaged easily and dies fast–if you can get to him. Try to run under his air fireballs instead of jumping over them. Jumping over them is exactly what an Akuma player wants you to do. Once you get in close on him, unleash some sort of combo and stay in close blocking. Akuma players think they are super Japanese demons and will try to get all crazy on you up close. Just block, wait for them to finish their tantrum and sweep the legs. If he teleports behind you, wait for the teleport to stop just at the right time and throw a special move at him. When you see Akuma dancing for no reason, he is attempting to do his Ultra. Once you see it happening, get ready to jump. If you time it right, you can either jump over him or jump backwards and kick him in the face. Once you get the flow down for Akuma, he won’t seem so bad anymore. Also, Balrog can manhandle the shit out of Akuma if played patiently.

Alright, this shit is taking longer than I thought it would, but I hope that some of you are finding some use out of this. Just remember to be patient. Read your opponent carefully, he will make mistakes and he will repeat them. Also, learn from their mistakes of repetition by crafting multiple styles of play for your main character. The more variety you have in your technique, the less they will know what to do. It sounds simple, but you would be surprised at how many people get caught up in the same motions every fight.

I share this info because Street Fighter is the fucking cat’s meow and I am glad to see all of these previously non-Street Fighter fans, turning into believers!

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