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Set Your DVR: SyFy’s Being Human

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Werewolves, vampires, and ghosts….oh my
SyFy’s hit show returns for it’s fourth season of supernatural fun. This year’s storylines are sure to include Josh’s re-transformation into a wolf, Aiden’s new love interest, and Sally’s new enslavement to a witch. Pretty normal stuff for these three very un-normal roommates. One of the better genre shows on television, and even if you prefer your vampires sparkly and the werewolves shirtless, this one has enough blood and hot steamy supernatural love to keep all fans of the undead and flea infested satisfied, I highly recommend it. I’ve also been told that the original BBC version of Being Human is very much worth a watch, so if you like the American version, it might be worth checking out. So how bout it? Planning to set the DVR like me, or does this show not have enough bite…or maybe not enough sparkle? Check out the trailer and let us know, sound off below!!

Being Human returns on SyFy January 13th, 2014

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