Alan Smithee

Seriously Microsoft…Fuck You

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This is the 3rd goddamned time I have had one of your perpetually shitty consoles die on me with a Red Ring of Death.

Let me make a distinction here, I hate Microsoft’s hardware, not their software. It’s easy to see that the 360 is my choice for this generation’s winning console, just look at my gaming library. I have about four times as many games for my 360 than I have on my PS3. I think that Microsoft has brought out some of the best games this generation on the 360 (Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Gears of War, etc.) I just think that they have the WORST hardware when it comes to consoles.

The worst part about the Xbox going out on me is that I had just recently bought a new game and controller so that I could get my wife to start playing games with me on a regular basis.

I was hoping that me paying the extra money for an Xbox 360 Elite would have made my chances for a RRoD more slim but alas, my poor Elite has now kicked the bucket. I now have the distinct honor of having to call Microsoft in India only to be asked if I’ve done step A, step B, or step C…only to come down to the guy finally realizing that yes indeed I have a Red Ring of Death.

It’s a good thing that I still having a working PS3, cause I’m going to get Little Big Planet and play the shit out of that until my Xbox comes back. I’m just pissed that I won’t get a chance to beat Mega Man 9 or play Castle Crashers for a while.

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