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September and October’s FNM Promos Uncovered

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A popular Magic rumor website has confirmed the next two months worth of Friday Night Magic promos.

The September promo will be Teetering Peaks while I realize that the image we have is Asian in origin, your FNM location will have English copies.

Teetering Peaks will see play in both Modern and it’s remaining time left in Standard. It is used in heavily aggressive decks like Mono Green Infect, where you need any pump spell you can get your hands on.

The October promo will be Contagion Clasp. Unfortunately, this was spoiled at a Wizards trade press conference at Gen Con and we do not have the picture for it yet. I imagine we will see new art. This card is a decent colorless removal spell. While it doesn’t see heavy play, it doesn’t see no play either. This will be one that Commander players will seek out.

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