SDCC09 – Lost Season 6 Final Poster Revealed

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This isn’t really news but I cannot contain my excitement for the final season of Lost.  The final season poster was revealed at yesterdays Lost panel and the best thing about it?  It features everyone, the entire principle cast of the past 5 seasons, both alive and dead with Locke (Evil Lock, Esu whoever) standing front and center with his back to us.  This poster has proven to me that all bets are off for the next season and we’re going to see some familiar faces cropping up as the story draws to a close.  The Lost panel yesterday pointed towards an alternate timeline being the way forward, with everyone turning up on the poster I don’t think this is a bad guess but we’ll have to wait until the new ARG starts up over at to get some hints at what’s to come.   Thanks to the guys over a SL-Lost for getting the picture up so quick.

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