SDCC09: Alice in Wonderland – Trailer

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Alice in Wonderland debuted yesterday at SDCC with the above trailer,  I really like visual aesthetic of the film, with everything looking larger than life it looks like something I could have dreamed up as a kid.  The film looks dark and twisted as well which is a good thing, the original book wasn’t a happy kids story and I’m glad to see they seem to be going for that type of story rather than a typical Disney kids film.

A couple of things concern me though: 1.  The Cheshire Cat looks a bit too deranged for my liking especially because it’s being voiced by Stephen Fry for me the voice and image don’t look like a good fit, until we see some actual footage of it though I won’t panic too much.  2. Johnny Depps voice is a bit too plummy English gent for my liking and not zany enough which is how I’ve always imagined the character to be.

It’s early days yet and if there’s one person that can bring Alice in Wonderland to the big screen properly it’s Tim Burton,  he’s certainly got the right cast to pull it off.  What do you guys think of the trailer?

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