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Scientists: “Music Is Like Sex In Your Brain.”, Portishead Fans: “Duh!”

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A (relatively) new study shows that music you like has the same effect on your brain as sex does. They came up with these results through the use of various dark magicks, many of which do not have names that are pronounceable with a human tongue. They covered up their use of the forbidden arts by explaining their tests in science-y talk that no one understands.

Using the neurochemical specificity of [11C]raclopride positron emission tomography scanning, combined with psychophysiological measures of autonomic nervous system activity, we found endogenous dopamine release in the striatum at peak emotional arousal during music listening.

Basically, the lead up and climax of sex produces the same chemicals in your brain that the lead up and climax to “One of these Days” by Pink Floyd does. I, for one, find this to be extremely cool, and I can’t wait until more findings about this are released. I also can’t wait until Richard D. James gets a hold of this information and uses it to make you involuntarily bust a nut on the bus while listening to the latest Aphex Twin album.

Via Nerdist


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