Alan Smithee

Sayonara GamePro

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After an astounding 22 years in the magazine business, the classic gaming magazine has closed its doors and shut down the printing press, for good.

I can recall the first issue of the gaming mag that I picked up in 1992 that featured Universal Soldier on the cover that I picked up for the information on Street Fighter 2 on the consoles. For many of you, you might remember how big of a deal it was during the Genesis/MegaDrive/Super Nintendo era to have an arcade game translated onto the console.

Up to that point I only read Nintendo Power and a few other trashy magazines during the 8-bit era when screen captures were still damn near non-existent and people were taking photos of television screens.

GamePro was one of the greats and it’s sad for me to think of a future without the brand but the magazine just wasn’t pulling in the advertising revenue to keep itself in print anymore. This is mainly affecting the US version of the magazine and their website as we haven’t heard whether the international versions are profitable enough to escape the axe.

After the mass layoffs at the GamePro offices, the remainder of the staff will be folded into the IDG corp under the current GamePro President, Marci Yamaguchi Hughes. Apparently the focus for the group will be doing custom publication work for other businesses in that arena.

I’m sad to see you go GamePro, I’ll pour a few ounces out in your memory.


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