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We are saddened to report the loss of Jeff Michael Vice

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Many of us are here are grief-stricken today.  Last night we got some bad news about a friend and peer.  Yesterday Utah film critic Jeff Michael Vice passed unexpectedly.  He was a staple panelist for the Geekshow Podcast (dot com), a contributing writer for MSN’s parallel universe, Big Shiny Robot, and most recently Cinephiled.  He, with friend Jimmy Martin, hosted the Big Movie Mouth-Off, and could be heard on The Mediocre Show, I’m sure I have forgotten something, so for that I apologize.

983649_723022711051258_1306499408656494262_nJeff Vice was a more than just a fellow film critic and colleague he was a friend.  He became a friendly acquaintance a few years before I began working as a critic.  We became acquainted at a common friend’s party.  I was wearing a studio Ghibli t-shirt, Jeff recognized it and yelled HAAAAM.  We then proceeded to talk about cartoons, and movies.  It didn’t faze him that I knew who he was, or that I remembered his opinions on movies.  He still listened to me, freely agreeing or disagreeing with my opinions.  We developed a casual friendship, always happy to say hi, we shared drinks when we happened to be in the same bar.

When, I started writing for this site; I started going to film screenings and writing reviews.  It can be intimidating at first.  It helped to see a friendly and familiar face at almost every screening.  Jeff was usually there.  He even offered advice from time to time as I got started.  He reminded me that critics couldn’t be wrong, just more right than others could.  He told me it was good to be critical, we were called critics for a reason.  Opinions could differ, we didn’t have to agree, and he reminded me this when I would tell him I second-guess myself after reading his reviews.  He was, in so many ways, my movie critics Jiminy Cricket.  I have tremendous professional respect for him, and I have a lot of love for the man I thought of as a friend.  The movies will never be the same, our thoughts are with his family, and friends, he will be, and is, sorely missed.

Editors Note: Geekshow Podcast is raising money to help his family cover funeral costs through Paypal, the email address is [email protected] to donate there.

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