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Rusty’s Big Bender

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I told you that I wasn’t going to stop reviewing Greek, so here we go, the episode from Monday night entitled “Fumble”. Or as I’m calling it, Rusty’s Big Bender episode.

This episode we get to deal with the aftermath of Rusty and Pledge Spidy stealing the A&M Goat and becoming legends at CRU. Cappie and Casey sleeping together, and what happens with Ashleigh after her fight with Casey. Yes. I’m detailing all of it to you, read on soldier.

My favorite plot of the whole episode was Rusty trying to figure out what the hell happened to him after he blacked out from his return as the new big man on campus for stealing the rival school goat. He wakes up in a pile of empty red cups with his nipple bandaged, lipstick on his face, and a weird number on his hand. The whole episode is him and his best friend Calvin finding clues and further stringing themselves along and piecing together what happened during Rusty’s drunken rampage. My favorite part was him finding out that he self rebuilding wire he created (if you forgot, he’s also pretty much a genius) was the reason his nipple was bandaged, as a apparent lesbian tried to pierce it to his nipple upon his request. If you’ve been watching the show, he was kicked off the research team developing for the university setup to develop the wire that he created. He just wanted it to be a part of him, yeah, I’ve never been THAT drunk either.

The other two plots were alright in their own way. Cappie and Casey appear to come to a head with their relationship. FINALLY. Can Cappie stay on his new found path for the first time though? Finish school and get a real job? We’ll see.

Ashleigh gets little screen time this episode, but we do get to find that that she was the reason that the lipstick was all over Rusty. It appears that she has the hots for her best friends little geek brother. Yeah, the hot chick. I know, totally not possible right? Hey, I’ve seen it happen, maybe. Why aren’t you watching this with me yet? I’m not going to stop until I have someone to talk to about it, my wife doesn’t count.

So, until next Monday at 8pm on Abc Family, I’ll be back with another review and the next one looks like it’ll be a good one. Everyone gets snowed in at a bar for Calvins birthday, and secrets and other things appear to get aired out finally. I know, I’m excited too!

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