Ryan Thomason

Rumor Mill: Avatar Re-release?

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Would you see Avatar again in the theaters? 3D only? More after the jump.

It’s being tossed around that James Cameron is talking with Fox about releasing the movie again this summer.  The difference is that it will include a whole bunch of deleted scenes and extras that were left on the cutting room floor.

I kind of like this approach, if I wait to see the Extra Features on my DVD player, I’m not going to see it in the awesome 3d that could have been had at the theater.  Though, there are some people *cough* Excremento *cough* that will see this movie another 3 times if they included the deleted sex scene.

What do you guys think? The highest grossing movie of all time coming back into the theaters and pillaging another couple of hundred million or possible billion (come on, you know it’s possible) for an extra 15-30 minutes of something you’ve already seen?  Remember it would ONLY be released in the 3d format.

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