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Rubicon on AMC: First Thoughts Review

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AMC has been pretty golden lately with it’s drama shows, Mad Men and Breaking Bad have been large standouts for the network. Now that AMC is adding a highly anticipated Walking Dead TV show in October, I was surprised when I saw an ad for a show I hadn’t heard of, Rubicon. With a moniker of “Not every conspiracy is a theory” it has a ‘big secrets get revealed’ vibe about it. How did the first couple of episodes stand up? Read on.

Will Travers is a very smart intelligence analyst that seems to have a job with very out of the news data/people to analyze. That was my first take on the show, which seemed to start out pretty slow. It starts off with a gut shooting himself in the head after finding a four leaf cover in his magazines, and Will’s boss/father in law getting killed in a train wreck. Will concedes to fill his bosses shoes, but is very reluctant to do so.

This is a show you really have to pay attention to, at least it seems that way to me. While watching this show, it was hard to find myself not completely focused on it. While that may not seem like a bad thing, I think it is because I was trying to find something that just didn’t seem to be there. Will Travers (James Badge Dale) is an interesting enough character, still brooding over the loss of his wife and daughter who were apparently on the top floor of the World Trade Center at 9/11. I like the acting by James Dale though, he brings something that I like but can’t put my finger on. The supporting casts isn’t bad at all, their characters will be fleshed out in time as the show develops.

I think the reason why I am all over the place with this review, is because that Rubicon is on AMC. I think I had very high expectations when I saw the show was premiering right before Mad Men. I think I was assuming I would be getting my socks blown off with layers of intrigue and intellectual information/spy/government secrets/etc, drama. I’m going to stick through it though, with 2 episodes in the can on it’s premier night, I’m hoping that AMC’s record of putting out quality shows shine through. There is a ton of potential with Rubicon and I hope that it can meet it.

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