Rosewill SP-7260 Speaker System – Review

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For most of us gamers, podcasters, and audiophiles, a huge chunk of our time doing things with the medium we enjoy is usually done via headphones or through the usually sub-par speakers that come installed on most computers or televisions. For me it’s the former because of the fidelity that you can hear with headphones on and because most of my media time is when everyone else is asleep.

However, when a company asks if you want to review their stand-alone speaker system all bets are off and so apparently are the headphones. Rosewill has graciously allowed me to use a set of their SP-7260 speakers and they’re AMAZING. I’m not trying to sound too fanboyish or nerdy, but these speakers go to 11. I’ll explain that a bit more.

I have a podcasting studio in my basement that is set up to keep most loud noises down to an acceptable din throughout most of the house, but with these speakers I could only crank them to about 1/4 of the total volume it can push out. You may think I’m being hyperbolic here, but I’m not. I literally took these to my kids’ birthday party outdoors on a one acre lot and could easily hear them from about 200 feet away with the volume turned up to maybe half…and there was NO distortion. They’re fantastic in that regard.

I’ve known people to have used speakers such as these as a replacement to a sound bar or a surround-sound system in their TV rooms and I think it would work well for most people in that regard except for there being no remote control option for this model.

The size of the speakers themselves leave a bit more to be desired as they are a bit big for those that are hoping to keep their desktops somewhat minimalist, but damn do they sound good. If you’ve got the room on the desk to have them there, it makes a huge difference over the stock claptrap most systems come with. The woofers are a 4″ model that are great for mids and for some seriously slamming bass, and the tweeters are 1.5″ meaning you get crisp treble that won’t make your nose bleed.rosewill back

When it comes to materials, they’re very very well built. The black exterior of the wood enclosures is a very pretty satin finish, not quite as light absorbing matte, but definitely not a high gloss so don’t worry about reflections. The best part for me is that the controls for the speakers are put on the side of the main speaker (you know the one that gets the audio connection and the power cable) along with dials for both Bass and Treble so you can finally adjust via hardware instead of through whatever device you will have hooked up to it. There’s also a great AUX line-in and headphone port underneath these controls so you don’t have to plug into your tower or laptop and avoid the potential tripping hazard or hurt ears from inadvertent pullout. Last bit about the build that I want to drive home is that when it comes to speaker systems, you should always go for the ones that have a more hefty magnet in the back of each speaker. These come in at about 8 lbs each which is surprisingly hefty for small-ish computer speakers and will surprise you with how robust they are.

Since we’re talking hook-ups, the wonderful people at Rosewill were nice enough to include all of the cables that you could possibly want, an RCA to 3.5mm male, a 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male, and an RCA to 3.5mm Female. Not so sure what you’d use the last one for, but I’ve been known to not have an imagination. With this system having a 60 watt output with a frequency response of 60Hz – 20KHz and an impedance of 4 Ohms, everything you want to hear in your games or media will be crystal clear.

All in all, Rosewill makes amazing computer products and these speakers are no less than amazing at what they’re designed to do. This set gets a serious thumbs up as a suggested purchase.

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