Rosewill Prelude – RWH-001 – Review

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rwh-001-4It’s no secret that most of us on WPR have quite the affinity for Rosewill products, they send us review products and we’re more than willing to give them a review, and for the most part they’re usually very high quality products…until I got my set of Rosewill RWH-001s.

First off I do have to let it be known that these headphones aren’t bad, they’re very well put together, I especially love the real wood shells that hide the drivers for the speakers. The build quality isn’t suspect in the slightest. Rosewill makes great stuff, case-in-point is the the speaker system I reviewed which remains one of the best sets of aftermarket PA speakers I use in my studio.

The problem, and it’s mainly a problem if you too are an iOS user that doesn’t play their music through iTunes or Apple Music…is that the only way to get a truly balance sound while listening on a device is for you to tweak the EQ. The baseline for the Rosewill RWH-001 has a lot more mids and deep lows that something that should come as flat. I could get great sound out of my mixing board using these as I have control over A LOT of different EQ curves, but if you’re a casual audio guy, these probably won’t be for you unless you just HAVE to have a pair.

I’m not going to lie, these headphones are sleek, sexy, and I especially love that they give you a choice between cables to use. You can either use the normal headphone cable with male 3.5mm plugs on each end (one goes into the headphone), or the other which allows for remote phone usage such as answering calls and talking. The main benefit of this modular design is that the Rosewill RWH-001 could be connected to a variety of ports as long as you have the cable to do so.

Think about it you iPhone 7 early adopters, all you’d need to find is a lightning to 3.5mm and you could have lightning headphones (shut up I know they include the normal adapter in the iPhone’s box)…but for me this is especially handy because I can order a longer headphone cable and have them replace my studio monitor headphones…that’s not likely to happen but it is a nice option to have.

It very well could be that I just received a faulty set of headphones, but at this juncture I would have to suggest that you try them before buying them, or at the very least make sure the store you purchase them from has a great return policy. I would hate for others to have to spend time in either a physical or digital EQ to make it sound just OK. The bass does hit hard I’ll admit and the highs can be pretty crystal clear, but having to find that balance with something that should just be plug and play is a real turn off for me.

If I didn’t want to do it, I couldn’t imagine others would as well. They sure are good looking and comfortable too…it’s too bad that I had trouble with my pair, I only hope that yours might work better, at the price point of $49.99, it’s a great bargain for what you’d normally spend twice as much on.

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