Rock Out For The Chilluns At San Francisco

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The Modern Day Heroes unfortunately can't make the event.

Another year brings another Child’s Play. Child’s play is a charity that was set up by Penny Arcade in 2003 to help sick children in hospitals all over the US. As part of helping, many events take place to benefit Child’s Play. While nothing will probably ever top last year’s Singsterling, people will continue to try, with the latest effort coming from a small place called San Francisco. Ümloud! is an annual fundraiser in the city, with the proceeds going to Child’s Play. As well as offering prizes, auctions and raffles, Ümloud! will be hosting Rock Band 2 all night long for the biggest event in music since Live 8. Also featuring will be the “infamous” Baby Dog Time, who are reuniting to play just one more Rock Band gig.

Now I’ve never heard of this “band” myself but they put up a pretty funny video here, so it looks like it’ll be a good laugh. If you’re a gamer in the San Francisco area and want to get involved, then just head on down to the DNA Longue on 375 Eleventh Street next Wednesday from 7pm to 2am. The event is free to go to but if you want to get on stage then it will cost you $35 online or $40 at the door. Even if you can’t make it, you can still donate online at the fundraiser’s website.

Helping needy children at any time is a great thing and being able to have fun and help people in need at the same time is pretty much perfect. So why not donate some money or head on down. Come on! It’s for the children and it’s Christmas!

Source: Ümloud

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