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Robot Unicorn Attack – Review

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so happy to see this on my iphone right now, i'm not even kidding.

Man, I just don’t have the words for how awesome this game is. If you didn’t know already, us nerds here at WatchPlayRead are just gaga over this game ever since it showed up on the Adult Swim website some months ago. We talked about it on our podcasts, we all downloaded the Erasure song “Always”, and ever since Tim put up the teaser for this game hitting the iPhone, guys like me have been just dying to get our hands on what could possibly be this generation’s Tetris. Biased, NAAAAW!


Let me get the usual shit out of the way, the graphics are on par with the computer version, definitely not better than. The soundtrack is still very much attached to the game (Erasure over, and over, and over again). This is essentially a straight port over from the PC to the iPhone with a few cosmetic changes like adding icons you have to touch to dash and jump, instead of the keyboard z and x on the PC.

The touch controls are precise as hell, no lag between presses and actions happening like so many other iPhone touch games out there, and this is a very good thing in the case of RUA because when you progress further in the game, the ‘twitch’ factor comes into play pretty heavily.

It is right, you WILL fail.

There are a few notable differences in the iPhone version over the game that make this worth every penny that it takes to download…first up, is the ability to turn off the music so you can use your own tracks from the iPod while playing. You can also turn off the SFX, but who wants to do that!?! And finally is the option to make the actions happen from gestures rather than touch controls. I personally haven’t used these very much and like the Wii, I hate waggle.

I guess the only thing left is to give this slap a score on this bitch and call it a night…as if you couldn’t have guessed, we suggest you go get it right now. This is seriously one of the best ways of wasting time, and it’s addictive as hell.

Bottom Line: $3 / $3

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