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Robocop 2014 #1: Back In Business

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Robocop is back! This time with the team of writer Joshua Willamson and artist Carlos Magno as his backup.


Cover art for Robocop 2014 #1 courtesy of BOOM! Studios

Robocop 2014 #1
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Carlos Magno
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Release date: July 2, 2014

To see Robocop punch baddies in the face, buy Robocop 2014 #1 now! Pick up Robocop 2014 #2 and Robocop 2014 #3 too.

After this reading this first issue, all I can say is: “I’d buy that for a dollar!” Hell, I’d give ya three or four. Not to be confused with the recent remake (which I haven’t seen so “SHHH!”), this new Robocop series looks to be a direct sequel, taking place sometime after the events from the first or second movie. Also note that, this series looks badass so far! Between these two creators, I feel like there is an air of authenticity from Robo’s one-liners to the familiar sounds of him leaving the station–it’s all there. As well as his cute partner Anne Lewis, and the desk sergeant, Sgt. Reed.

Whether it be guns, drugs, corruption, or perversion, Robocop has always been an echo of our politics today. Knowing that, writer Joshua Williamson comes with a pretty cool story here. One that addresses some current events, as well as some classic themes. The dialogue is well written, easily projecting the emotional content of the characters onto the page. Carlos Magno does such a great job with Robocop! His panels are so detailed, giving the characters almost a life-like appearance. And providing angles that are camera worthy. I really dig it! You can even recognize the old Ford Taurus they used as patrol cars in the movie!

I honestly haven’t followed a lot of Robocop adventures throughout the years. The production value on the numerous film sequels and published stories were so low, that it could only be seen as an attempt to cash-in on the characters waning popularity. But, maybe that’ll change after this new movie and new comic series from BOOM! The character of Robocop is good sci-fi and definitely deserves quality delivery. People definitely like the idea of a hero in a big armored suit shooting up all the bad guys and just being a typical badass!

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