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RLR #70 – Moe Hitler

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Blegh, it’s Friday once again and like we always promise you…we’ve got another episode of RLR for you!

Tonight’s episode was awesome considering it’s the last one you get this year. We had a full panel this week consisting of James, Evan, Ryan, and Jermaine coming in at the 30 minute mark. I’d say we had tons to talk about this week…but I’d be lying considering there wasn’t shit to talk about in the news, that’d be a lie.

Instead, we hit a few topics and then moved straight into our top whatever of 2010, where we brought up 5 items each that we wanted to talk about in-depth as being the best of this year.

Here’s how you can get in touch with your favorite panelists and continue the discussion elsewhere!

E-Mail: RLR@WatchPlayRead.com
Chat: IRC Room
Forum:Official RLR Thread
Phone/Text:(347) 669-3377

If those aren’t enough options for you, there’s always the comments section of this post if you’re listening on the site, and we always welcome feedback from our iTunes listeners. So, in other words, we’re dying to hear what you all think of the show.

[gplayer href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/watchplayread.com/episodes/RLR101230.mp3″]RLR #70 – Moe Hitler[/gplayer]

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