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RLR #38 – I Have a Black Belt in Shaq-Fu

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shaqfu, and my black belt in said discipline, we'll fuck you up meng.

So here we are, another Monday morning, another new episode or The Red-Light Roundtable for you to enjoy during your workday. This is perhaps one of the strongest episodes we’ve had especially when we come back from our commercial break and proceed to rip into Jermaine for 40 minutes. About what you may ask? You’ll have to listen to find out.

This week, we had Brad, Tim, Jermaine, Ryan, Evan, Greg, and I on the panel and we went over the normal 3 areas of discussion, with a bit more in gaming thanks to Tim being the consumer whore and picking up 5+ games a week. Brad, was again socially lubricated and the rest of us couldn’t help but join him as we went off topic.

Anyways, here are this week’s discussions:


  • Red Dead Redemption – Rockstar redeems themselves
  • Alan Wake – A great game that neither Jermaine or Xopher will ever play
  • Lost Planet 2 – If you liked Lost Planet, you’ll love the sequel
  • Nier – Simple game concept, but pretty and a good story…also tranny
  • Super Street Fighter IV – Week 4 of domination?
  • King of Fighters XIII – The next fighter for the WPR staff


  • Nathan Fillion as Ant-Man – Nobody but Xopher cares
  • Megan Fox Fired – And there was much laughter
  • Robin Hood – Brad loved it, essentially Robin Hood Begins?
  • Shrek 4 – Nobody cares
  • MacGruber – Good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for a SNL movie
  • Prince of Persia – Mehhhh
  • Sex in the City 2 – …
  • Get Him to the Greek – Jonah Hill & Russel Brand
  • Arthur (remake) – Russel Brand replacing Dudley Moore?


  • Lost Chat – We fear for the end
  • V – Red skies, and it gets a second season
  • Check It Out! – Milk cools your food down
  • Stargate Universe – Space-tick a-go-go
  • Fringe – You should be watching this after Lost

The opening track this week is Sevendust with “Praise” off of their album Animosity, and the closing track is Gravity Kills “Crashing” off of the album Perversion. Go and support these artists if you enjoyed the music we used.

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If those aren’t enough options for you, there’s aways the comments section of this post if you’re listening on the site, and we always welcome feedback from our iTunes listeners. So, in other words, we’re dying to hear what you all think of the show. We hope that you enjoy listening to the show as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. Please join us again next week for another action packed episode of the Red-Light Roundtable!

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