Xopher Reed

RLR #106 – Ear Babies

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Yay for Mondays! You get a new episode of RLR, and I get to share it with you!

This week we find our bumbling panel being led by a slightly inebriated Xopher as we discuss your favorite topics like shemales, female fapping, and oh so much more.

Joining me on the panel this week was Ryan Bez, James Helsby, Ryan Wilson, and my best friend for the longest time, Jamaal Milton (who I mistakenly call Jermaine one too many times).

There’s some ear hole loving going on this week as we bring you a special Nick Cage flavored Madlibs, our shit this week, a little bit of oh hungy, and of course, listener questions.

Also, keep an ear open for Ryan Bez making fun of me for lettering in drama.

OPENING – Tim & Eric “Poke On”
CLOSING – Gackt “Marmalade”
BGM – Various SNES Tracks

Want to get in-touch with the show? Have a listener question or a shout out? Have an opinion about why the panel is either right or wrong? Feel free to get in touch with everyone from the panel and continue the show long after it’s been played!

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[gplayer href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/watchplayread.com/episodes/RLR110915.mp3″]RLR #106 – Ear Babies[/gplayer]

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