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Revolution’s Episode 3 ‘No Quarter’, TV Review

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We’re getting three episodes deep on this new show and this episode did some nice filling in the background information. No, not background information on the Blackout that caused the whole world to stop using/creating/having anything to do with electricity. But how the Monroe Republic was formed essentially.

Spoilers Ahoy!

Alright, so, Miles was the General of the Militia, founding father of the Monroe Republic and all around did horrible things to try and establish a sense of order. Even admitting he created the system of taking killing and taking men to be trained as soldiers. We get to watch this through short scenes sprinkled through the episode, eventually leading up to him deciding to take matters into his own hands and shooting two dudes while Monroe stands in the background telling him to not do it. That part was interesting because Monroe is obviously the leader, so if the guy was taking a backseat so early, how did everything become his? What made Miles leave? I guess we’ll have to wait and see to find out. He seems to be protective of his dead brother, and gets in Charlies face for talking bad about her father. Miles being sarcastic about “The Rebels” all makes sense now, because he created the militia, trained them to squash rebellion, created a machine to support and grow the Monroe Republic, he can’t see anything stopping what he helped create. I will give the sniper guy on the Rebels side that picked off what seemed like a few hundred militia soldiers, how he had that much ammo, I don’t know. Did they take it all when they got the military grade sniper rifle last episode?

Speaking of, Kudos to Jeremy, the Milita CO that kept sending in soldiers until the sniper ran out of bullets. That dude was pretty ruthless, but somehow, you just had to agree with him. Bullets are rare, he can’t have that many can he? Send in another soldier! *POP, soldier drops dead* “damn…send another!” *Pop* /annoyed face. That was my favorite scene of the episode. By the way Jeremy is Mark Pellegrino, or that guy from Lost back in the day, or Supernatural and Being Human in more up to date shows. He just makes things better, and I hope his character sticks around/comes back since it appears that he was the first recruit in the Monroe Republic after-all.

I’m still not sold on Charlie as some kind of heroine character, yeah, she’s pretty spiffy with a crossbow, but nothing she has done so far makes me root for her. Miles is the star of this episode, his background and the dark corridors of it makes him intriguing. Plus, Miles is a white ninja with a sword.

There was some focus on Ex-Google guy, and that blond chick. I’m sure they have names, as they should, I just can’t remember what they are, shows how much I care about their story. They seem to be stumbling on the path of “We’re going to figure out the whole Blackout!” Ex-Google guy giving the speech about the joke of his life was pretty good though, and after thought, I can somewhat relate to his character now. He’s terrified, he had a life where because he was a smart and used his brain he rose to the top. Now, the lowest common denominator rules again, the schoolyard bully/brute is on top. It was a nice touch, so I’ll give the writers that. Maybe I’ll try to remember his name now if he keeps developing as a character.

Sadly, next to no Nevelle this episode, I was sad. So Sad. We need a whole Nevelle episode!

I’m still watching, still following Revolution, I think it would take a truly terrible episode to turn me off, and I’m hoping that doesn’t happen soon.

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