Review: Samus Sexy in Plastic Form

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Giant Metroid, friend or foe?!

Being an avid Metroid fan as well as a collector, I often scour the innerness for pieces of Samus memorabilia. Usually I am not looking to spend a lot of money but as soon as I saw this piece, I knew I had to have it. Of course I was delayed in purchasing it but I was able to get one before they were shipped out. Now having received it, I’ll let you know if it was worth it.

I don’t have a lot of (i.e.:read ANY) expensive collectibles or even statues so this is my first time, bear with me.

The Phazon Suit Samus Aran statue by First4Figures comes in a well packaged box. Full color and glossy, definitely something a fan would want to hold on to as a piece on its own. The statue itself is actually well kept in a large brick of styrofoam. It takes a little time to cut all the tape holding the piece together but at least it is well sealed.

It comes easily wrapped up and in two pieces as you can see from the video. Heavy base with the authenticity number and battery slot on the bottom, on/off button on the back. Samus comes wrapped up tight and it honestly felt like I was removing some sort of alien creature from webbing (think ID4 surgery scene). Definitely a proud geek moment for me!

Smallest Samus backside I've ever seen!

When I first was “assembling” my new pride and joy, I was discouraged. It seemed that there was some bad wiring since the light on Samus would not turn off. After an email from First4Figures, I found out that there were no problems at all. Turns out they went above and beyond a simple on/off light switch. When you turn it off, it takes a little under five seconds before it starts to power down and dim. This added feature creates an amazing effect that makes this piece a lot more special than it already is.

I see you!!!

Putting aside the technical speak, the piece is quality. The paint job looks spot on and thankfully does not give the look of “this is supposed to be lit up.” I have smaller toys that light up but look hideous without the light on. This is not the case. But it still feels like a product that is meant to be displayed with the power on. Samus’ visor is a testament to this since it has a silverish stripe down the middle of it which makes it look awkward when unlit. The only downfall about the product is the arm cannon. Along some of the lines that detail it, it doesn’t look even and maybe a little cracky. This is only truly noticeable up close and personal. It stands out a little more when lit up since the light will shine through any unevenness. I can only wonder if this is because the lighting put within or maybe this was just a minor incident on mine.

The stand is quite heavy as noted in my video. I am almost afraid to leave it where I have it displayed. The on/off button blends in well and not a eye sore. The only thing I would’ve liked to seen with it is some sort of name/plaque on it. Right now I am using the nice Authenticate Card as a name tag and wondering of a nice way I could encase it and attach it to stand to make a nice presentation.

White/silver stuff on a girl's face?!?! :X

After reading reviews of other Samus statues, I was expecting it to be a little larger. But the Samus Phazon Suit statue is a decent sized collectible at 11.5″ and you can tell they have this pose down (maybe work on a new Samus pose now?). Adding the light feature makes it seem a lot more desirable and sexy as well as giving old purchasers a new reason to get the same pose again. Throw in the power down effect and it is a solid buy. Despite the small gripe of the arm cannon, I am overall pleased. The price tag at $249.99 ($25 shipping) is a little steep for many and those who aren’t Metroid fanboys but if you are a big Metroid Prime fan and have the extra cash, it is a nice reason to splurge while they are left.

My overall verdict: A high quality piece that I am happy I did buy!

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