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Review: A LEGO BRICKumentary Is Interesting And Funny For All Ages

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Title: A LEGO BRICKumentay
Director: Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge
Screenwriter: David Coombe (written by), Kief Davidson (written by), and Daniel Junge (written by)
Principal Cast: Jason Bateman (narrator)
Summary: A look at the global culture and appeal of the LEGO building-block toys.

One of the first invites I got invited to as a member of the press was an early screening of the new documentary for LEGO. After the success that LEGO has had in the past in last few years, their booth in notoriously “hard to get into” San Diego Comic Con, and the release of The LEGO Movie I wasn’t surprised that someone out there was making a documentary about these little toys. I accepted the invite and got there after a few very stressful hours on the floor for Preview Night. I felt more at home in a theater and I was looking forward to what I hoped would be an interesting documentary about one of my favorite toys.

A LEGO BRICKumentary is not only interesting but with set moments done in “stop-motion LEGO”, and with the great voice of Jason Bateman narrating the entire affair this is the most kid friendly and funny documentary I’ve ever seen.


One of the main points The LEGO Movie was trying to make is reminding us that that these are toys for kids that the documentary about these toys would be kid friendly. If there is one thing children don’t enjoy that much it’s educational television or movies. However, when this movie features moments in the LEGO brand’s history in stop motion LEGO animation and details how they made the largest LEGO structures, they are immediately engaged. I saw a lot of kids leaving the movie with smiles on their faces and some of them looked incredibly eager to get home so they could play with their LEGOs.

The movie doesn’t just cover the history of LEGO but also the various ways it is being used. A LEGO BRICKumentary covers the adult fan community, the art community and how doctors are using LEGO to help treat autism. Jason Bateman is also a great narrator as he makes sure the movie remains entertaining and interesting. The movie makes sure to remain funny and balances the animated sections with various interviews and footages. The movie covers all aspects of the LEGO brand, from its humble beginning to the various ways it is moving science and the arts forward, without forgetting that these are toys intended for children.

A LEGO BRICKumentary is one of the few times I can say that this is a documentary for the entire family. It’s not often we find a documentary that can keep kids engaged, but directors Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge obviously have a lot of love for the brand. This documentary is perfect for the entire family and there are very few movies I can say that about, let alone a documentary. Now that I am done, please excuse me, I am going to go play with some LEGOs.

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