Red Spike #1 – Review

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Pure adrenaline… No, really. Literal epinephrine.

It’s always nice to jump in on the first issues. Red Spike is the name of a covert operations group that has taken two men and implanted them with adrenaline distributors to create the perfect soldier. Having the capability to let your adrenaline levels go nuts at the tip of a hat gives you a huge edge. The story opens with the two soldiers in question, Greg Dane and Matt Cutler, being airdropped into an enemy compound. They attack fast and hard and, with the help of the adrenaline boosts, they are unmatched on the battlefield, dispatching dozens of enemies in a few short minutes. The idea of the perfect soldier, however, is not as easy as it would seem as some issues start to manifest.

The story started somewhat one dimensional at first with a very GI Joe style entrance with testosterone slathered one liners. It gets better after a bit, though, when the characters start to gain a little depth. Some possible political aspects get started as well which very well could lead to some fun Tom Clancy level espionage. We’ll have to see how that pans out in the future.

The artwork isn’t bad, but I can’t say I’m much of a fan. This is mainly due to the seemingly ‘standard grimaces’ that we get throughout the entire comic. However, the situation that is happening in this issue, it might just be warranted. The drawing, while nice, seems a little flat during some panels. The most egregious thing that I saw in the book was the Patrick Stewart look-alike who you should all keep an eye out to see.

STORY: 70%
ART: 80%

Hopefully with the next comics they’ll iron out some more feeling with the characters so you can feel a little more attached to the situations.

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