Xopher Reed

Teaser – RLR #5

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We’re back and ready to kick some podcasting ass. The topic that we all decided would be the most appropriate for an ass-kicking show would have to be the only musical genre that is capable of melting your face and making your ears bleed, METAL!!!

Most of us here are MediaWhoreNetwork are all afficionados of the metal genre, and others can’t stomach the awesomeness so they end up listening to Rock. We hope in this episode to have you going away with a few more groups that you really should be listening to and the usual revelry that comes with our podcast recordings.

Whether it be old school metal like Pantera, contemporary artists like Mastodon, or costumed wierdos like GWAR or DieMonsterDie, we’ll be sure to talk about it. if there are any of your whores out there that want their segment to be used during the break, you should submit it to my email: Xopher.Reed@mediawhorenetwork.com, you can also email me any questions that you want us to ponder over and discuss. Recording is slated to happen this Wednesday or Thursday night, so get off your asses you sluts and submit stuff!

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