Xopher Reed

Teaser – RLR #2

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What’s up whores of the network. Xopher here, just wanted to drop by and let you know that the overlords of the site have decided on a topic for this weekend’s Red-Light Roundtable. We will be spending a good chunk of the show reminiscing about our favorite cartoons of the 1980s.

Most of the usual suspects from the badly edited inaugural episode will be making appearances as we work our way down to having a solid cast of me +2 others. The recording and editing will be much simpler this time around due to us finally getting our hands on a decent skype recorder (note to all of you potential podcasters out there, do NOT try to mix 6 different channels AFTER recording).

We’ll be recording this Sunday and if the editing goes smoothly, it should be up on Monday afternoon. We promise that this episode will be MUCH better than our first, we’ve really tightened up some loose screws and we guarantee it will have 78% less pregnant pauses!

We will be having the our usual topics of discussion including what we’ve been up to in the week since we last chatted, what’s upcoming that we find interesting, editor rants, and most importantly the main meat of the show. We’re still waiting for any of you fine members of the audience to submit your 60 second clips for us to play in the break. Anyone interested in doing so should contact me Xopher.Reed@mediawhorenetwork.com

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