Alan Smithee

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare – Trailer

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OMFG ZOMBIE BEARS! This game now has zombie bears!

I’m usually the first to bitch about a company putting out DLC that looks like a money grab, but there are times where I’m glad that I’m proven wrong, very wrong. This is generally the case for Rockstar’s DLC…this one is even above that.

The amount of awesome that is contained within the premise for this trailer just blows my mind. Literally they’re turning one of the best games this year, and quite possibly the best Western game ever made, and they’re introducing the undead. I’m going to let that sink in…ZOMBIES in the Old West.

No exact date as to when this game changing DLC will be released, but when Rockstar says very soon…it could be tomorrow or even a far as Halloween. We’ll just have to hang around and wait for it to drop. Very soon indeed.

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