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Rat Queens #5: Fight for Your Right to Party

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Wiebe and Upchurch’s Rat Queens is a laugh riot with brazen and cheeky ladies who know how live it up—fighting all day and hosting victory parties at night. If you don’t crack a smile while reading Rat Queens, you must have a cold, cold heart or you might be a robot.

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Rat Queens #5 cover

Rat Queens #5 cover from

Rat Queens #5
Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Artist: Roc Upchurch
Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: February 26, 2014

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Rat Queens is quality all around. Wiebe and Upchurch execute their vision without missteps. It is witty and entertaining, while presenting a diverse cast of characters. Rat Queens will appeal to the crowd that wants awesome female leads as well as for those who want fantasy-genre tropes in their comics.

Rat Queens #5 picks up in mid-battle. Our favorite mercenaries, the Rat Queens, Four Daves, and Braga, are taking on the invading horde of trolls. (See Rat Queens #1-4 to find out who all these characters are.) Granted, the troll leader is seeking revenge for her lover that was killed by the Rat Queens. I can’t blame her for avenging the love of her life, really. But she did call our protagonists the “c word.” That aggression cannot stand. Violet takes a blow from the enemy that places her too close to death for this reader’s comfort. Then, Hannah goes all spell-caster and murderous on that troll and ends the conflict. It should be noted that Orc Dave was “sexy when killing shit” according to Braga. Indeed. Next, Orc Dave reveals the bluebirds of healing, which live in his beard, and Violet recovers. A victory party follows all the battle drama—hookahs, cocktails, and hook-ups. The Rat Queens know how to have a good time. Oh, and Gerrig calls in Bernadette’s debt at the beginning of the book. That will certainly have a part to play in the next arc, I hope. (Again, see Rat Queens #1-4.)

You should be reading Rat Queens. It has moments to make you laugh out loud or breakout those dated phrases “You, go girl,” and “Oh, snap.” Wiebe’s script is clever and consistently true to the characters he created. It makes me wonder about the women in his life and if I want them to be my new BFFs—because if the Rat Queens characters are modeled on real folks, I want to hang out with them. The art has a traditional fantasy feel infused with a modern sensibility. Upchurch manages to give each character a distinctive appearance and visual personality when maintaining a consistency of time and place among the group. A+ all around.

Recommendation: Rat Queens is funny and women-positive, in my opinion. For readers who want bold female protagonists with a sense of humor like Gail Simone’s run on Birds of Prey and Secret Six or Michael J. Straczynski’s Apocalypse Al.


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