Sarah Eitelberg

Rat Queens Are Coming to Your TV Viewing Devices!

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The Rat Queens are just too awesome to be limited to one medium, it seems. Their blood-soaked and quite probable intoxicated selves will soon be coming to a TV near you! Pukeko Pictures and Heavy Metal have acquired the rights to Kurtis Weibe and Roc Upchurch’s comic about a troupe of sassy and rowdy warrior gals for hire with plans on evolving Rat Queens into a 30-minute animated TV show. Soon you’ll really be able to hear those foul words come out of Hannah’s mouth!


While this is insanely exciting for us fans of the trash talking shenanigans of the Queens, that negative voice in the back of my head still rears it’s ugly head. Will they keep my favorite gals their same foul-mouthed selves? Will they clean them up too much so they loose their punch you in the teeth attitude? Is this whole thing just going to suck?! Honestly only time will tell, but lets take a look at the people involved in this taking on this exciting task: Pukeko Pitcures and Heavy Metal. Pukeko Pictures’ Martin Baynton and Adam Fratto will serve as executive producers on the project. Martin Baynton is not only co-owner of Pukeko Pictures, but author of a children’s book, Jane and the Dragon, about a young girl who rushes off to save a kidnapped prince, becomes a squire, and befriends a dragon. Positive female representation, good. While I haven’t seen Adam Fratto’s Haven, a hit Syfy series based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King, it seems to have had a pretty good run for a Syfy series. Which, in itself is a pretty good accomplishment.

Heavy Metal’s Jeff Krelitz will also be serving as an executive producer for the project. Jeff was a co-buyer for Heavy Metal earlier this year and relaunched it into a full fledged media company. His past filmography has a few motion comics from popular titles, like Conan and Spartacus. Hopefully, this will help the Queen’s big transition be a smooth one, although to be honest I’m crossing my fingers for no motion comic. My girls deserve full on animation!

Overall I have high hopes for this Rat Queens animated show to be as violent and crass as the comic. With the information we’ve gotten so far it seems like a good road for this to go down. Things may change or get left out during the transition. But quell the negative fairy whispering hate in your ear and be excited something that entertains you is evolving into something new! Plus you really think Rat Queens will settle for being censored? Ask that boot flying toward your face.

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