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Rat Queens #4: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman With A Big Ass Sword.

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RatQueens_04-1Story: Kurtis J. Weibe

Art and Cover: Roc Upchurch

Publisher: Image

Price: 3.50$

Release Date: January 15th, 2014


Rat Queens is about a sassy, violent, all female D&D-esque guild. Do I really need to write anymore? I mean honestly, it has delightful banter, a suspenseful story line, action packed adventure (no shut up I’m not done), awesome ladies, and brutal carnage. It’s like the perfect D&D campaign I’ve always envisioned, but never played because I’m absolutely terrible at math.

How this thing of beauty has slipped past my radar for four issues I honestly have no idea. I’ll have to give my internet minions in the basement a good flogging for that one. Kurtis J. Weibe is just a delightful writer. Delivering interesting story line with the perfect amount of jokes that actual make me laugh instead of roll my eyes. Roc Upchurch’s art is fantastic as well! I personally love how he gives each character such a unique look. So diverse and oh my stars, that female warrior isn’t wearing bikini armor! How refreshing.

6 out of 5 Decapitated Orc Heads.

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