Rambo vs Man Beast?

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This is one of those stories that I’ll file under ‘just crazy enough it might work.’  We’ve known for a little while that Sylvester Stallone has been keen to to jump back into another Rambo fairly soon after finishing up The Expendables.  He’s been quoted several times as saying he wants to take Rambo in a different direction but never really clarified this new direction, the guys over at Ain’t It Cool News received a fax over the weekend detailing the plot synopsis for Rambo V and it looks like it’s going a little Sci-Fi.  Hit the jump to find out what Rambo is going to taking on this time.


What’s does everyone think about Rambo vs Man Beast then?  I think it could work as long as it doesn’t turn into a CGI action romp like so many action films these days but hopefully Stallone tries to keep this as ’80’s’ as possible.  What interests me the most is the mention of a 22 year old hunting partner, I can’t think of anybody in that age group that could pull off an action heavy role.  Personally I say change 22 to early 30’s and cast Jason Statham in role, Stallone and The Stath romping around the Arctic Circle hunting crazy genetic experiments could be brilliant.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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