Kyle J. Steenblik

Quidditch, a serious game, for serious muggles.

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339px-InternationalQuidditchAssociation-logo.svg_I’m going to take a slight detour from the regular fare here on WPR to talk about sports, Quidditch, to be specific.  It’s been around for awhile now, and it’s picked up some steam, but somehow it is still shrouded in mystery and seems stuck in the same corners as Live Action Role Players.  To be clear, that is not how I view it.  I see Quidditch as a fully-fledged sport, and a good one at that.

I won’t explain the nuances of how a muggle lot would play this game.  That information is all over the internet [] , but it’s really best to just see it for yourself.  That is, after all, what sold me.  When I set out to see what this was all about I reached out to our local Quidditch team, The Utah Crimson Fliers, and watched a practice session.  They usually run from 10 am to noon on Saturdays in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park, and are open to the public.  I learned very quickly that these guys are serious about the game, and the game is fast.  I mean things happen really fast, and there is a lot going on.  There are the Beaters, the Chasers, the Seekers, the Keepers, the Bludgers, the Quaffle, and the Snitch.  Yes they have a Snitch, but not a little gold ball, this snitch is a player with a gold flag the Seekers have to catch.  Once the initial confusion wears off, what you have is a lot of fun.  Fun I would very much like to see in a big stadium full of fans.

Here we are, now I’m a fan of a sport that deserves fans, and support.  That is precisely what I aim to do here, convince you to become a fan.  There is a perfect opportunity coming up.

September 28th the Rocky Mountain Championship tournament will be held in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park.  This will bring in teams from Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada.  This is the perfect opportunity to see this game in action.  I plan to be there, I hope I can convince a few of you to be there as well.  Also in January we will host the 4th Annual Utah Snow Cup, which I hear has become the most popular winter tournament in the country.  I’ll be talking about these tournaments more as we get closer.

Also, we will talk about youth quidditch, and how you, yes you, could play your own game.  There is a lot to look forward to this summer, as I learn to talk about sports.

I’ll see you on the pitch.

I want to thank Utah’s Crimson Fliers, and in particular Brady Groves, Utah’s state Representative to the International Quidditch Association.


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